SC widens financing avenue for SMEs with P2P lending framework

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Modalku Ventures is also known as Singapore, and Malaysia P2P – funding societies (Referral Code: j8e9ik4g)

Peoplenderis also known as Malaysia P2P – Fundaztic (Referral Code: 1HZFP8)

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Do you know what happen to your paper currency today?

Still remember this during World War 2, Japanese’s  banana money? It is the paper currency used during Japanese occupation of south east Asia. The history is going to repeat itself again. Do you know?

Tell me what is going to happen to our paper currency in the future. Any comments? If you would like to exchange any old currency, you can also leave a comment to discuss further…




Buy Gold or Bitcoin?

Gold vs. Bitcoin. Perhaps the most obvious difference between Gold and bitcoin is this: Gold is physical and bitcoin is digital. Yet the distinctions between the two run much deeper. Gold is a Precious Metal used by mankind as a medium of exchange for millennia.

Is it still the same thing? Leave your comment to discuss…

Can I Make Money By Trading FOREX?

Of Course! I can make money by trading FOREX since 2006! The answer to the question is A BIG YES! However not many people can believe it or not?

Let me tell you a story, Jim Roger and I are a good friend and we met in Singapore but I never disturb him by asking any questions such as HOW to trade?, WHAT to trade? WHEN to trade? WHY I need to trade now?

Many asking me the same questions above but I just look at them and I don’t know how to answer them. Just feel lost because I just don’t know how can i help them in this area.

The lesson I learnt is to be humble and learn in my own style. Don’t be quick to judge or assume that you are smarter to out smart the system in the world. Just flow along like water!

So this is just my little secret sharing with you and hope can motivate you not to give up easily and trade like the symphony!

If you want to see my FOREX trade results, just leave a comment with your email address so that i can send the screenshot of my sample live account just to prove my points above. Cheers!